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National Security Agencies and the Military label Climate Change as one of the biggest threats to US security. Science tells us that we must stop emitting fossil fuels to do this. Technological reviews suggest that we have all the technical tools, to mitigate climate change.   In 2006 I visited the National Renewable Energy Lab had an exhibit in their education department proclaiming that, at that time, we had the technology to provide more than 100 % of our energy from sustainable energy sources.

The primary purpose of NH Energy Geek is to share information about sustainable energy, climate change, and the social and political questions these subjects are associated with, and to showcase examples of successful sustainable energy projects.

It is my belief that the transition to sustainable energy is possible, but is being limited by lack of understanding about this and related subjects by the public.  It has become clear that we cannot wait for top down action from our government. It is my hope that the information contained in this website will help to educate and individuals to take action.   Be it questioning candidates about their views to supporting community and personal projets.

Though NHEnergyGeek is based in NH most of the information contained on this website is applicable to many other locations.   We hope you find this information useful. We welcome your feedback, questions and suggestions. Thank you for visiting NHEnergyGeek.




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