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Winnisquam Biofuels Project - Interview and Walk Through

The Winnisquam School District installed a biofuels heating system for two schools and their SAU – School District Offices. This video is a description of that project and includes an interview with Ian Raymond who spearheaded the project and a walk through of the biofuels plant. Winnisquam School District Energy Project Results after 7 years operation. Five years after the above video was made, I interviewed Ian Raymond again about the results of the Biofuels plant installation and a series of energy efficiency measures which were also installed at the same time. One source of funding for this  project was a PERFORMANCE CONTRACT  Under this arrangement, an energy service company does an energy audit, proposes specific efficiency measures, and then GUARANTEES the savings which are then used to pay off the project. These are the measures that were completed by Honeywell and guaranteed by the performance contract. Though some of the funding mechanisms mentioned in this video are no longer available, others still are, and performance contracting can still be an effective way of funding energy projects.

– Installed 2,635 high efficiency lights
– Installed 76 occupancy sensors
– Replaced boiler at Sanborton Elem.
– Isolated unused boilers to reduce heat loss
– Provided systems controls
– Fuel conversion on dual fuel boilers
– Upgraded insulation
– Installed weather stripping on 83 doors
– Sealed roof-wall joints and rooftop ventilators
– Replaced condensation tanks
– Upgraded temperature controls
– Upgraded HVAC at Voc-Ag
– Upgraded combustion air in boiler rooms
– Installed fuel pre-heaters
– Retrofitted steam traps
– Insulated exposed pipes
– Replace roof on Ag building
– Installed air conditioning in computer rooms
– Brought non-compliant items up to current code (within scope of project)
– Construction of Biomass heat plant at HS/MS
– New classroom built on to Biomass Plant for Green Technologies Program