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The Short List Of Climate Actions That Will Work

There is more consensus on what solutions are effective than there appears to be Michael Barnard I spend a lot of time critiquing solutions for low-carbon transformation, and that leads, inevitably, to people asking me: what works? What should we be doing? Most recently, that came in the form of a question on Quora that […]

Sununu Vetos HB 365 to expand the net-metering cap to 5 meg

Sun Shines on a solar panel

HB 365 would seek to expand the ability for commercial and public entities to sell back renewable energy to the electric grid at market prices. Under net metering, entities that produce their own energy can “sell” unused energy back to the grid for credits on future energy bills, but they’re capped in the amount of energy they […]

MIT Aerogel Generates Passive Heat From Sunlight

According to MIT News, an aerogel is a foam-like material made of silica particles. Silica is the basic ingredient in glass. It is abundant and inexpensive. Aerogels can be a highly efficient and lightweight insulating material but generally block much of the visible light that falls on them, limiting their usefulness as solar heat collectors. […]

Wind And Solar’s Share Has Grown 700 Percent Without Reliability Issues

Utility executive covering the energy shortfall of renewable power generation technology with electricity provided by battery storage systems. Industry concept for green energy volatility,GETTY

Jeff McMahon   The share of electricity supplied by wind and solar jumped from 1 percent to 8 percent in the U.S. over a decade without causing reliability issues, according to a recent report to members of Congress. There have also been occasions when renewables supplied the majority of power, energy policy analyst Ashley J. […]

Renewables Catching Nuclear Power In Global Energy Race

Forbes Magazine Robert Rapier This article is the fifth in a series on BP’s recently-released Statistical Review of World Energy 2019. Previous articles in this series covered carbon dioxide emissions, petroleum supply and demand, the production and consumption of coal, and global natural gas trends: BP Warns Of An Unsustainable Path The U.S. Accounted For 98% Of Global Oil Production Growth In 2018 Coal Demand […]

The case for a World Carbon Bank

BOSTON GLOBE By Kenneth Rogoff July 8, 2019,   Although much derided by climate-change deniers, not least President Trump, the Green New Deal hits the nail on the head with its urgent call for the United States to lead by example on global warming. But the sad truth is that, for all the needless waste […]

A warming Arctic produces weather extremes in our latitudes

Reprinted from Science Daily Thanks to Geoharvry Date: May 28, 2019 Source: Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research Summary: Atmospheric researchers at the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) have now developed a climate model that can accurately depict the frequently observed winding course of the […]

Leonardo DiCaprio spotlights urgency of climate crisis in new film

Fire and Ice documentary

(CNN)As you may have heard, celebrities have been using their clout to get out the message on climate change — inviting the question, frequently, as to whether they’re a hindrance or a help to that cause. If there’s any area where star power seems to be put to the most effective use, it’s the documentary, […]