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My name is Wes Golomb, I’m a clean energy and climate activist from NH USA. I’m a retired college professor and perhaps I’m a wide eyed idealist but I believe that if people understood energy and climate better, they would make more choices to live and act differently.


The Energy Geek focuses on energy and climate education and the positive things people are doing to mitigate climate change.

We are looking for interns to fill the following positions:

Positions Available

Content Creators

Contribute stories related to energy and climate. Specifically, highlight the positive actions (projects, policies, etc.) that individuals, communities and various corporate & government entities are taking around the world, to mitigate climate change (includes written, audio or video form).


To edit video and create original content.


To research various renewable energy and climate related topics, assist with preparation of a manuscript on sustainable energy, and assist with marketing my just published book, Warm and Cool Homes on Net-Zero homes.

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Please answer the questions that are relevant to you. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience in any particular areas, just tell me about yourself.