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Meet Wes Golomb
The Energy Geek

Wes Golomb has been an environmental advocate for over 40 years and a college professor for more than 35 years. His activity dates back to helping organize the first Earth Day in Boston

Letter from the founder

Wes Golomb

“Solar Coaster”

I’ve been interested in sustainable energy since the ’60s.  In college, I helped to organize the first Earth Day in Boston, I also helped build several solar greenhouses.  After grad school, where I studied environmental science, I taught high school science, and like any good American teacher, I needed a second job.

My interests led me to energy, and somewhere around 1980, I became the second ‘certified’ energy auditor in New Hampshire and soon after opened up my own business called Warm Homes. We did energy auditing and retrofits, built solar greenhouses, and installed solar hot water systems.

Since then, I’ve spent my life studying and teaching Environmental Science with a particular focus, interest, and passion, which more than one of my friends has referred to as an obsession with sustainable energy!

About 20 years ago, I had a fellowship at the National Renewable Energy Lab.  They had an educational display with a question. What percent of our energy could we get from sustainable sources?  It was multiple guesses; the answer was more than 100%.

Everything I’ve learned since then supports their conclusion. For economic, political, and ecological reasons, it is becoming imperative that we make that transition to a green economy as quickly as possible.

I started The Energy Geek in 2017 to share information about energy and sustainability.  During that time, I have written a book and video series called Warm and Cool Homes about High-performance homes in NH. How they’re built, and what makes them work so well.

You’ll also find our blog, Sustainability Matters.  In addition to my own writing, we feature posts from people around the world responding to the following question(s); How is climate change affecting you in your community? And/or, What is your community doing to limit or mitigate these changes?

The Energy Geek also features videos about clean energy-related topics.

We are always looking for interesting energy-related stories, guest bloggers, and motivated interns to help us spread the message and information that clean energy can lead to a healthier, more productive world.

Thanks for visiting.

Wes Golomb
The Energy Geek

By The Numbers

The Energy Geek recommended efficiency work on town offices in Deerfield, NH resulting in:

Improved Cost to Heat
0 %
Greenhouse Gas Emission
0 %
Electricity Consumption
0 %
Overall ROI
0 %
Lighting ROI
0 %


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Career History in Sustainability

Helped Organize first Earth Day

Wes helped organize the first Earth Day in 1970 in Boston, MA.

Masters Degree in Environmental Science

Antioch University

Owner/Founder of Warm Homes

Energy efficiency and renewable energy sales and service with residential and small commercial business in Windham, NH.

Professor of Environmental Science

Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill, MA.

Energy Conservation Coordinator, Public Utilities Commission in Concord, NH
  1. Coordinated and implemented statewide education, technical assistance and outreach to builders, architects, engineers and city/town building departments.
  2. Administered New Hampshire state-wide energy codes
  3. Assisted in ongoing supervision of utility statewide energy efficiency programs.
  4. Wrote grant and developed ‘Code Consultant’ (circuit rider) program placing mentors in the field with builders and code officials.
  5. Wrote grant to write and publish field guides in energy efficient residential and commercial construction techniques.
  6. Represented the PUC in establishing appliance, lighting, residential retrofit programs.
  7. Worked with NH Legislature, on energy efficiency and renewable energy legislation.
  8. Developed first in the nation Online Energy Code application.
Professor/Program Coordinator

Developed and launched a two year Associate’s Degree program in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in partnership withLakes Region Community College in Laconia, NH.

Grassroots Work
  1. Coordinated group purchase of solar for Solar Up resulting in sales over 400%.
  2. Organized Deerfield Energy Committee
    1. Retrofitted library
    2. Recommended efficiency work on town offices resulting in:
      1. Improved Cost to Heat- 45%
      2. Greenhouse Gas Emission - 57%
      3. Electricity Consumption up 15%
      4. Overall ROI - 13.3%
      5. Lighting ROI - 55.3%