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Leonardo DiCaprio spotlights urgency of climate crisis in new film

Fire and Ice documentary

(CNN)As you may have heard, celebrities have been using their clout to get out the message on climate change — inviting the question, frequently, as to whether they’re a hindrance or a help to that cause. If there’s any area where star power seems to be put to the most effective use, it’s the documentary, […]

Connecticut House passes bill mandating education of human induced climate change

Connecticut House passes bill mandating education of human-induced climate change BY MORGAN GSTALTER – 05/29/19 11:22 AM EDT The Connecticut House on Tuesday passed a bill to make Connecticut the first state to mandate the teaching of human-induced climate change. The bill passed on a 103-43 vote largely along party lines following a nearly five-hour debate, the […]

Candidate Positions on Climate Policy

Annual Global Temperature 1850-2017

Statement from The League of Conservation Voters  page: THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IS THE LAST, BEST CHANCE FOR THE U.S. TO CONFRONT THE CLIMATE CRISIS. Climate change is rapidly escalating into the single greatest threat we face, and the next president must be committed to ambitious and immediate action on climate that builds a more […]

Trump’s Bid To Weaken The Next Federal Climate Report Is Likely To Backfire

But his administration could do harm just by trying. By Alexander C. Kaufman   As planet-warming gases reach levels not previously seen in human history, the Trump administration’s bid to restrict how federal scientists conduct the next National Climate Assessment risks delaying urgent action required to curb emissions and climate change. But the administration […]

187 Nations Signed UN Plastics Waste Protocol, But The US Was Not One Of Them

Plastic waste (Image: CC0, Public Domain)

From Clean Tech Thanks go May 14th, 2019 by Steve Hanley Since China closed its ports to imported plastic waste last year, nations have been frantically searching for other places that would accept their waste products. The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives says that since the Chinese ban, villages in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia […]

Donald Trump Can’t Stop America From Going Green

In this Tuesday, March 19, 2019 photo, the blades of wind turbines catch the breeze at the Saddleback Ridge wind farm in Carthage, Maine. (Robert F. Bukaty/AP)

From WBUR Thanks to May 15, 2019 Rich Barlow Springtime brings light, warmth, rebirth from winter and, this year, an environmental milestone. May will be the first month ever in which the United States derives more electricity from renewable energy than from coal. In spite of Donald Trump’s vows to resurrect mining, and his […]

Another look at Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Bow Power plant spews pollution

Incentives are a powerful tool in the growth of emerging technologies. By: Wes Golomb – NH Energy Geek – May 10, 2019 Several presidential candidates are calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies. Subsidizing fossil fuels is nothing new, the US has been doing so since 1916.   The subsidies began because of the huge risks […]

Sustainable Energy and the Border

I have long thought that a sustainable energy partnership between equatorial countries and their northern neighbors could be a viable means to benefit both.   Invest in solar farms on sub trop land (Mexico for example) which is not ecologically sensitive, culturally important or inhabited.  These solar farms could produce needed energy for inhabited areas […]

What the Candidates are saying about Climate Change and Energy

It is crucial that the next president understand and be fully committed to mitigating the effects of climate change by cutting greenhouse gasses. Here in NH we have a unique opportunity to ask the candidates about their views on this issue. We at NH Energy Geek will be going to candidate appearances and asking their […]