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There are numerous possibilities for community based programs. 

In the past, we have run workshops on residential energy efficiency and solar,  residents have gotten together to get low cost energy audits. 63 residents took advantage of Solar Up, installing solar electric (pv) systems.  Any or all of these could be repeated.

With current changes in law (see webinar below), there are opportunities for aggregated projects where communities come together to purchase lower cost electricity.  Community solar projects may be part of these plans which can power a micro-grid when the rest of the region has no power.

There are a variety of means for funding projects.  The following is an announcement  of a 5 Million Dollar Clean Energy fund which would be one possible source of funding for a community energy project in Deerfield.

I have tried to provide background and information for people to understand where Deerfield is regarding energy.  There are many positive options for us to pursue.  I would hope this has sparked your interest. If you are interested in helping in Deerfield with clean energy and lower expenses, please contact Wes Golomb 463-7537