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Donald Trump Can’t Stop America From Going Green

In this Tuesday, March 19, 2019 photo, the blades of wind turbines catch the breeze at the Saddleback Ridge wind farm in Carthage, Maine. (Robert F. Bukaty/AP)

From WBUR Thanks to May 15, 2019 Rich Barlow Springtime brings light, warmth, rebirth from winter and, this year, an environmental milestone. May will be the first month ever in which the United States derives more electricity from renewable energy than from coal. In spite of Donald Trump’s vows to resurrect mining, and his […]

Another look at Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Bow Power plant spews pollution

Incentives are a powerful tool in the growth of emerging technologies. By: Wes Golomb – NH Energy Geek – May 10, 2019 Several presidential candidates are calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies. Subsidizing fossil fuels is nothing new, the US has been doing so since 1916.   The subsidies began because of the huge risks […]