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Residential Wind

This video is a discussion of residential wind with Dave Horton, owner of Horton Wind in New Hampshire.

Discussion on the Sheffield Wind Project

Hydro + Ocean

SFR Hydra Tour

SFR is a small hydro company in Milton New Hampshire. This video contains a tour and discussion of how a hydro power plant works.

Presenter: Will French

Half Moon Cover Tidal Project

Discussion of a proposed Tidal Energy Project in Northern Maine.

Featured Documentaries on Solar Energy

Power of the Sun

Science of Silicon Solar Cell

Biomass Winnisquam Case Part 1

Biomass Winnisquam Case Part 2: The Results

Tracking Energy Consumption

How to track energy consumption with a simple spreadsheet

Blower Door Testing

Air tightness is a major factor in how energy efficient a structure is. Blower door testing is the most effective way to determine the tightness of a building. This video explains how a blower door works, and how it is used. This video was made in 2011.

Residential and Commercial Lighting

Everything you need to know about residential and commercial lighting!