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NH Community Power - 2020


Community Power Webinar – Clean Energy NH         

Strategic Electrification        – NEEP                             

Community Power –  LEWG Henry Herndon                        

WBUR Webinar Stepping Up Business in the era of climate change

Interesting webinar on how business can accommodate  the risks and assume the potential in climate change.

—————————— N.H. Local Energy Solutions Webinars (Shared from with thanks to LES NH)

UPCOMING WEBINARS Title: Energy Policy Update When: Monday, April 1, 12:00 PM Register: Blurb: Join Clean Energy NH as we enter crossover season to learn about the biggest energy policy issues making their way through the New Hampshire legislature. This is your opportunity to get a comprehensive view of this year’s energy policy priorities including energy efficiency, expanding net metering, bolstering the Renewable Portfolio Standard, innovative energy storage proposals, municipal aggregation, and more. You will hear from:
  • Madeleine Mineau, Executive Director, Clean Energy NH
  • Jim O’Brien, Director of External Affairs, The Nature Conservancy
Title: Clean Energy Benefits for Businesses When: Tuesday, April 9, 10:00 AM Register: Across New Hampshire, businesses are turning to clean energy options to control their energy budgets, lower energy costs, and meet their community and environmental goals. Join Local Energy Solutions and our partners at the Small Business Development Center as we share three case studies of New Hampshire businesses that are benefiting from clean energy solutions. You will hear from:
  • Bob Fitzpatrick, Store Manager, Vista Foods Grocery Store – Energy Efficiency
  • Jen Briggs, Owner, A Place to Grow – Energy Efficiency and Solar PV
  • Peter Hansel, President of Filtrine Manufacturing Co. & Vice-chair of Keene’s Energy and Climate Committee – Modern Wood Heating
Past Webinars Title: Low Income Solar Projects in NH View Recording: Download PDF Presentations: Intro & Background, Avery Hill, Mascoma Meadows, and SolarShares.  Title: NHSaves Virtual Button Up Workshop Recording: Download Presentation PDF: here.
Title: Built Up Opportunities: Energy Building Codes in New Hampshire Recording: Download Presentation PDF: here.Title: Model Solar Zoning Ordinance Recording: Download Presentation PDF: here. Download Model Ordinance: here.


USDA Rural Development’s Tools for Financing Energy Projects (May 18, 2016)

Energy-Focused Legislative Update ​(March 9, 2016) *Note: Slides will begin after introduction; The Introduction slides can be viewed below.

RGGI: The How & Why of Using Proceeds from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to Reduce Your Town & School Energy Costs (February 10, 2016)

Eric Law, USDA – Rural Development Ken Yearman, USDA – Rural Development Presentation USDA Income & Property Eligibility Site
Kate Epsen, NH Sustainable Energy Association Jim O’Brien, The Nature Conservancy Presentation Introduction Resources: NH General Court, NHSEA, PUC, An Unplugged Guide to Energy in NH
Jim O’Brien, The Nature Conservancy Presentation Tom Belair & Mark Toussaint, Eversource Energy Efficiency Services Presentation


Benchmarking Energy Use: Do You Know Where Your Energy Use Is? Start 2016 Off Right By Benchmarking and Tracking Your Community Energy Use! (January 20, 2016) *Please note correction to intro slide # 7:  Linda Darveau, US EPA

Linda Darveau, US EPA (Presentation) Charles Forcey, Durham Energy Committee (Presentation) Handout: Excel Template for Uploading Data

To Own or To Lease? How to Decide What Solar Investment Strategy is Right for You (November 18, 2015)

Kate Epsen, NHSEA Clay Mitchell, University of New Hampshire (Presentation) Nate Hausman, Clean Energy States Alliance (Presentation)

Energy Efficiency for Low-Income People: The Importance of Grassroots Outreach (November 5, 2015)

Elizabeth Chant, VEIC (Presentation) Paul Markowitz, Efficiency Vermont (Presentation) Bob Ray, Dunbarton Energy Committee (Presentation)


Launch Your Own Solarize Campaign! (October 14, 2015)

Sarah Simonds, Vital Communities Peter LaBelle, Cavendish Energy Committee

Show Me the Money: Creative Financing of Modern Wood Heating Systems in NH (September 9, 2015)

Charlie Niebling, Innovative Natural Resource Solutions LLC Joe Harrison, Community Development Finance Authority Ned Raynolds, Johnson Controls Ian Raymond, Wood Heat Advocate Rodney Bartlett, Town of Peterborough

Strategic Energy Action Toolkit – Increase the Effectiveness of Your Local Energy Group! (July 8, 2015)

Sarah Simonds, Vital Communities Leigh Cameron, The Grassroots Fund Linda Gray, Norwich Energy Committee


Launching A Solarize Campaign ​(June 17, 2015)

Sarah Simonds, Vital Communities Pete Thoenen, Randolph Energy Committee Kevin McColliseter, Catamount Solar

​C-PACE Overview (May 13, 2015)

Laura Richardson, The Jordan Institute

Energy-Focused Legislative Update (March 2015)

Kate Epsen, NHSEA Jim O’Brien, The Nature Conservancy