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Net Zero Homes

Check out these articles to learn how net zero works:

by Jacob Corvidae, Michael Gartman, Alisa Petersen, Rocky Mountain Institute, 2018

This report demonstrates that the cost increase to build a zero-energy or zero-energy ready home is modest—far less than consumers, builders, and policymakers realize—and highlights methods builders and policymakers can use to drive increased market penetration.

Sam Rashkin, DOE ZERH, 2018

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes program has just crossed the 1.8 million certified home threshold and is well on its way to two million

Newport Partners, October 2015

The purpose of this analysis is to give builders, contractors, utilities, energy programs, and other stakeholders a general sense of 1) the magnitude and type of added costs, and 2) how these costs compare to the energy savings.

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