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“From an authoritative source, this book provides both information and inspiration for how to make your home part of the solution to our great climate crisis. It will get you thinking — and then get you moving ahead!"

-Bill McKibben, Author of The End of Nature

Do you spend more than $500 a year for heating, cooling and electricity?

If you answered yes, this book is for you!

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The Energy Geek focuses on the positive actions that individuals, 
grassroots groups and the global community are taking to 
move towards a more sustainable future.

Warm and Cool Homes

Author Wes Golomb​

Available opportunities include: Social Media Coordinator & Climate Energy Blog Writer.
For more information on becoming an intern/contributor for The Energy Geek click HERE.

Book Talk Interview with Wes Golomb

WSCA Radio Portsmouth, NH​

Guest Blog

Sustainable Living

Ego (Electric) 14 inch 56V Chainsaw Unboxing | Sustainable Living

Wes Golomb, aka The Energy Geek is in the process of converting fossil fuel combustion to electric motors. Next on the list: electric chainsaw! Here is the EGO company website where you can learn more and purchase one for yourself.



Renewable Energy Works

Bob Irving commentary on the Bow Power Plant, the Texas grid power outage and the long term benefits of renewable energy storage investment

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