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Ishita Aggarwal - Social Media Manager

Chemical engineering graduate student at the University of Toronto. I am passionate about clean energy and hope that everyone can access clean energy equally around the world

One of my biggest passions in life is writing and storytelling, so much so that I decided to study Creative Writing at UC Riverside for 4 years. During my time there, I explored a wide range of concepts, from crafting tales about my fictional characters’ adventures across the galaxies, to writing product descriptions for vegan toothbrushes. Since I was young, it’s been important to me to mix my creativity with my need to bring more awareness to issues in the world. Environmentalism and sustainability, specifically, have always been keen interests of mine, but I know that learning about these topics can be overwhelming, at times, and people often underestimate how much good they can contribute. I hope to use my skills and The Energy Geek platform to educate and provide practical ways for people to get more enthusiastically involved in sustainability.

Kristina Hemen-Ackah - Content Writer ​

Madi Hayes -
Web Assistant

I currently identify as a community-focused, constantly evolving storyteller. My  background is in film and journalism, but my passion is working with and in support of communities with great stories to tell. I strive to learn more about how to do better as a sustainable citizen and to fight back against the threats posed to our environment. All over the world there are people setting prime examples of what it means to take care of the earth, and my hope is that with these stories and resources, you can be as inspired as I am to make an impact. As Anne-Marie Bonneau says, “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

Described as passionate, energetic and driven to perform, I enjoy helping, motivating, and encouraging people/organizations to accomplish objectives and achieve their highest potential. In my studies at ‘The Forest’ or Drew University’s school of Environmental Studies and Sustainability, I use my multinational experiences from living (Moscow & Dubai) and traveling throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, to shape and expand my knowledge on environmental issues across the globe. Driven by a passion for doing what is right in the long term, I know that I am built for a career in the environmental sciences field.  My coaches and people that know me say that I have always been a “workhorse and not a race horse” because I look for the long term.

Audrey Keliehor -
Social Media Strategist

Sarah Kikel -
Social Media Strategist

I am currently a junior at the University of Notre Dame, studying Liberal Studies and Sustainability. I am passionate about advancing public awareness of sustainable living and hope to pursue a career in environmental writing. At Notre Dame, I am serving as a sustainability commissioner and striving to convince my roommates to use reusable cups.