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Up to Date Chart on COVID cases

Connecting COVID and Climate Change

Exponential Growth 1: Interesting Connections

This is the first in a series of five videos about the connections between Covid 19, human population growth, our economy and the environment . From an ecological perspective, this video explores some of the ways human activity exacerbates Covid-19 and introduces, what I believe to be the connector between these divergent topics, exponential (sometimes called geometric) growth.

Exponential Growth 2: The Nature of Exponential Growth

This second video in this series focuses on the connection between exponential growth and human population.

Exponential Growth 3: Patterns in Nature

Exponential Growth 4: Resource Depletion

This video explores the connection between exponential growth and the effect of an ever expanding population and economy.

Exponential Growth 5: Environmental Quality

This video looks at the issues we’ve been discussing and suggests some positive paths forward. Thanks for watching!