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The initiative is among the most aggressive of existing or proposed strategies to cut energy consumption in buildings, which are responsible for 70% of the city’s carbon output.

Sets more aggressive emissions target for 2030 than Baker

The Pentagon has a huge appetite for clean energy — and a massive budget.

The Department of Energy is poised to play an essential role as the Biden administration looks to leverage clean energy investments.

Putting the country on a path toward ‘net zero’ emissions would mean massive and rapid changes, from your kitchen to your carport

These systems will not only help us meet the EMP’s goals, but also give customers relief on their energy bills and create jobs for the state’s economy.

Electrical cooperative sees multiple paths to the summit of 100% clean energy by 2030.

Transmission needed to facilitate renewables. Emissions-free power system mandated by 2040.

Pennsylvania is considering spending its proceeds from RGGI on energy efficiency and renewable development, a state official told an Infocast conference. | Infocast

Groennfell Meadery is hoping to become a net zero facility by 2030

Michigan Saves is one of the oldest and most effective green bank programs in the country, drawing about $30 in private investment per every public dollar invested.

The city of Boston and utility company Eversource have launched an information hub to help the owners of large buildings cut their energy usage and contribute to the city’s effort to go carbon neutral by 2050.

Financing and tax benefits to encourage clean energy projects on commercial properties

New Hampshire Handbook on Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

“Energy usually comprises a small percentage of total operating costs for food and grocery stores, but it’s a significant proportion of the tight profit margins of many retailers.”

“Utility company retrofits its own office with electric-powered system to provide heat in cold Minnesota winters…”

Looking for an Energy Efficient Home?

by Kristina Lauren

Are you looking to buy or upgrade a home and also interested in sustainability? An energy efficient mortgage might be right for you.

What are they?

An Energy Efficient Mortgage (or EEM, for short) is a mortgage that includes a home’s energy efficiency costs in the mortgage itself. These mortgages give special benefits to homeowners who buy a house that is already energy efficient. Under the EEM umbrella is an EIM (Energy Improvement Mortgages) which are for homes that can be made efficient through energy-saving installations.

How can they benefit you?

  • You can qualify for a larger loan
  • You can make a less efficient home more comfortable and sustainable
  • With an EIM, you can include the cost of improvements to an existing home in the mortgage without increasing the down payment
  • You save money on utility bills every month
  • They can increase the resale value of your home

How do you qualify?

  • If you qualify for a home loan, you qualify for an EEM
  • You’ll also need to obtain a home energy assessment for financing to be approved. This assessment does three things:
    • Gives you recommendations for energy-saving improvements
    • Estimates how much the improvements will save you in energy costs
    • Estimates the cost of each improvement

Real-life Example

In California, first-time home buyers Patricia and Mynette Theard used the EEM program to make improvements to their home at the recommendation of their lender. Their estimated cost for energy improvements came out to $2300, including ceiling, floor, and furnace duct insulation, along with a setback thermostat, and their total loan amount was $144,800 for a house they bought for $150,000. Even though their monthly mortgage payments increased by $17, they saved $45 a month in utility bills.

The initial costs of the home and the mortgage payments may be a little bit more than they would be with a non-sustainable home, but it’s clear that making these energy-efficient improvements can save a homeowner more in the long-run in utility bills. 

These upgrades seem like small efforts in the journey to make our world more sustainable, but if it interests you and you have the means, you may want to consider an energy efficient mortgage.


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