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Surface Temperature Over Time


Freak natural disasters seem to be everywhere in the crazy year 2020. And most of them have what scientists say is a likely climate change connection. But experts say we’ll probably look back and say those were the good old days, when disasters weren’t so wild.

Deadly wildfires have blanketed swaths of the states on the West Coast with unhealthy smoke, complicating the efforts to fight the blazes and find dozens of missing people, and compounding the misery of thousands who have been displaced.

A major effort to develop and deploy clean energy is urgently needed to meet energy and climate goals, especially to reduce carbon emissions from such areas as transport, buildings, and industry, according to an IEA report.

In the next five years, the world has nearly a 1-in-4 chance of experiencing a year that’s hot enough to put the global temperature at 2.7 degrees (1.5 degrees Celsius) above pre-industrial times, according to a new science update released Wednesday by the U.N., World Meteorological Organization and other global science groups.

Associated Press-Think 2020′s disasters are wild? Experts see worse in future

Scientists warn that 2020’s climate-fueled disasters will seem tame compared with what’s likely to come in the future.

“There’s a Staples store on Fourth Avenue, in Gowanus, a part of Brooklyn that lately feels less and less like New York City and more like the rest of the United States. I went there the other day to send a package via UPS. Then I ducked into a familiar aisle and got three boxes of yellow pencils to bring home for my three sons, a back-to-school ritual. I braced for a long line: some years, buying school supplies at Staples, I’ve waited half an hour to reach the register. Not in 2020…”

“United Nations, Sep 10 (IANS) UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has urged countries to use recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic to tackle climate change.

‘We have a choice: business as usual, leading to further calamity; or we can use the recovery from Covid-19 to provide a real opportunity to put the world on a sustainable path…'”

Thwaites: Antarctica’s colossal Thwaites Glacier is melting at a rapid rate, dumping billions of tons of ice in the ocean every year. A UK-US team surveyed the deep seafloor channels in front of the glacier that almost certainly provide the access for the warm water that is melting it. BBC

The chief of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, Thom Porter, said the 25 large wildfires raging in his state after an extreme heat wave made the situation “dire.” Many fires will be “uncontrollable until we have a weather change.” [CNN]

Health Effects of Climate Change

Q&A with Union of Concerned Scientists

Dr. Silvia Brandt – Rising Temperatures Worsening Ozone Pollution

Dr. Mark Windt, a pulmonologist from the New Hampshire Seacoast and Harvard Professor, discusses the documented health effects of climate change.

Former Congressman Charlie Bass with the ridiculous rant of a climate change denier. 

Note: this video represents the congressman’s views only, it contradicts the known science and should not be taken seriously from a factual point of view