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Interview in SCORE Merrimack County December newsletter

We last caught up with SCORE Merrimack Valley client Wes Golomb in the fall of 2020. Back then, he was busy running The Energy Geek – a website dedicated to education about sustainability and energy efficiency –  and working to write his first book. Now, a little over one year later, the book has officially been published and is available for purchase on Amazon and The Energy Geek website.
The book, “Warm and Cool Homes,” follows the journey of five homes to become energy efficient – four of which are officially net zero homes. Golomb said he hopes the book will not only provide actionable strategies that homeowners can use to reduce their carbon footprint, but also show that energy efficient homes are possible for anyone.
“I think people have this idea that building a house that’s not going to have a large carbon footprint is a fantasy, or something that other people do,” Golomb said. 
But in reality, the homes featured in the book belong to a wide range of individuals, from a very eco-friendly couple used to living a sustainable lifestyle to a banker with a high-end home.
The road to publishing the book was a long one, filled with lots of editing, perfecting and planning. Golomb credits his SCORE mentor, Heather Turner, for her support during this process. 
“Heather has been such a help and such a resource,” Golomb said. “She is such a patient and kind person.”
Now that the book has been released, Golomb said he plans to spend 2022 both promoting the book and working on accompanying videos that share more details, resources and tutorials for people who purchase a copy.
Once that work is done, Golomb said he has plans to complete another book, this time focused on the importance of bigger-picture climate action and legislation like the Green New Deal. In general, Golomb said he hopes to help inspire everyday citizens to do their part to help the planet.
“There is no one size fits all solution to climate,” he said. “But in our country, more than 40% of our energy is used by buildings, and everybody lives in a building. If everybody just did a little bit and took responsibility for the energy that they consume, we’d be better off.”
Get your own copy of Golomb’s book, “Warm and Cool Homes,” on Amazon in e-book or paperback, or by visiting his website – The Energy Geek – where you can get a special launch discount.