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photo by Wes Golomb

The Case for Net-Metering

Wes Golomb, March 8, 2022 One of the historical limitations on the use of Solar (electric) Photovoltaic systems is storage of electricity. Batteries are available for short term outages or

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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Vrinda Manglik is a climate professional and freelance illustrator based in Oakland, CA. She currently works as a Data Storyteller for Google (via Adecco), and has previously worked for environmental

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what ercot should do differently

What ERCOT Should Do Different

Why is ERCOT a bad system? ERCOT is a flawed energy system that the Texas state government isn’t willing to fix anytime soon. The issue begins with politicians that don’t

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5 Things to Know About ERCOT

ERCOT has been a hot topic in the news as most of the state of Texas has been without power for several days until very recently. This was a catastrophe

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